Best of the Best

Thanks to a mix of promising draft picks and crafty veterans, this month's sampling of the best from across the Thrillist Network is undefeated, and will never lose. Ever.

Emailed to Chicago: Obscure Belts Crafted by an Illinois dude who recently made his triumphant return from Cali, OB's line of quality leather waistwear is distinguished by strikingly sculpted buckles in finishes like black chrome and aged steel with creative latching mechanisms that mandate a bit of trickery and finagling, like a girl from a Catholic high school. Keep your pants up here

Emailed to Seattle: The Oatmeal Oat's a growing collection of absurdist comics created by a Seattle web designer/marketer whose innovative online trickery was once banned by Google, and whose outside interests include "gravity" and "breathing heavily through his mouth" -- so, expect more Far Side than Prince Valiant. Learn more about ghetto blastin' bears here

Emailed to Nation: Football Cocktail Shaker The perfect toy to kick off the new season, this nifty full-sized faux-pigskin unscrews to reveal an inner watertight chamber big enough to hold 335 mL of liquid; fill it up with booze and mixer, screw on tight, and give the foam-insulated ball a few tosses to shake up the manliest watermelon-peach cosmo you'll ever drink with your pinky out. The most seamless melding of football and drinking's here

Emailed to Los Angeles: GrubHub Just launched in LA, GrubHub's a clickable online repository of over 1,200 local restaurants that deliver, all compiled in an ultra-interactive one-stop-shopping website, allowing you laziness so next-level, you're spared even the moderate bicep workout of opening your kitchen's "menu drawer". Eat up here, fatty

Emailed to Miami: Momimomi Tees Flashing designs from a Miami-raised architect, MM's dropping new tees (four brand-spankin', plus 12 re-issued hits in new colorways), including "School Of Squid" in black, with a gaggle of squid shooting across the chest and over the left shoulder, "Coyotes", which shows two of the canines with faces made of squiggly lines, and "Wow Wreath", showing a Christmas wreath made of tiny, multi-colored pills, giving new meaning to taking a holiday trip. Get your tee on here