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Like a gleaming shiv of editorial awesome, the Thrillist Network will cut you, sucka.

Emailed to Nation:Beard Heads Available in four color choices, these knit caps combine the comfort and warmth of traditional winter hats with the supreme style and general awesomeness of a massive beard/mustache, while their name finds the sweet spot between amusing descriptive moniker and sickening command. Cover your face, man

Emailed to SF:Explain This Image This cache of the web's weirdest photos asks commenters to provide captions, which range from callously poignant (an Asian child in grocery bag = "ANGELINA I'M BACK FROM THE MALL"), to deadly accurate (a couple of dudes mean-muggin' in a ride pimped w/ McDonald's rims = "Oakland, CA"). You're probably in one of these

Emailed to Boston:I Like B-Sides From a Boston-based web developer, Sides uses a "mathematical proprietary formula" to examine your iTunes library and suggest "random mixes of less popular but enjoyable songs by the artists you already like", but will soon hate if you can't find a second song by them to listen to. Get some at

Emailed to Nation:Heavy Metal Band Name Chart This flow chart pentagram breaks down heavy metal's verdant band names, covering genres from The Occult (White Zombie, Burning Witch) to General Creepiness (Gorefest, Burning Tomb), flowing from Badass Misspellings (Korn, Eyehategod) to Pointless Misspellings (Def Leppard, Alcatrazz), and even including Faulkner References, like As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury, and Corncob Rape, believe it or not, a reference to his Sanctuary, which apparently wasn't. Would you like to make some f*ck at

Emailed to Atlanta:Amongst Friends A NY-based streetwear line whose past collections have claimed influences ranging from gambling to "non-nicotine" smoke, Amongst Friends is now rolling out spring gear honoring the antithesis of street, golf. Check the goods here