Best of the Best

Like Dr. Manhattan's giant blue peen, the Thrillist Network dangles here in front of you.

Emailed to Boston:Handcrafted Videogame Goods From a NH-based lover of all "geeky/video game related things", these hand-sewn odes to pixels past include throw pillows rocking the Zelda triforce, a Super Mario Mushroom, and Mr & Ms. Pac-Man, as well as blankets w/ recognizable gamer icons like Raccoon Luigi, aliens from Galaga, even Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation logo -- a nod back to a day when evil pharmaceutical conglomerates actually got stuff done. Blame it on the game, son

Emailed to SF:NeighborCity Mission-based NC's a super-slick search engine that culls listings (nearly 2000 in SF, plenty of foreclosures) from the most comprehensive sources (MLS, SFAR, even more obscure initialisms), then plays matchmaker between users and realtors based on objective criteria (as opposed to "he's dating my sister and could really use a break"). Lend me some sugar

Emailed to Miami:HireMeNow In lieu of suffering the indignity of a temp-agency interview, Lantana-based HMN brings temp jobs to you by letting you create a hyper-detailed, cred-establishing profile that employers can search to see if you fit their needs, set your desired wage, then sit back and wait for offers to come rolling in for the opportunity of a monthtime. Eff it, work in your boxers

Emailed to Atlanta:Hedonism Chronicles From a local copywriter/Emory grad, HC uses another oft-aggravating but occasionally inspiring phenomenon -- blogging -- to shine a hilariously harsh light on the web's most "narcissistic status updates". Read up on this

Emailed to Nation:Ride Accidents Calling itself the "world's single most comprehensive, detailed, and complete source of amusement park accident reports", RA'll end your Six Flags Coke can redemption with archived news reports of disasters from the last 35+ years. Check this cruel and unusual awesomeness