Best of the Best

Like when the Constructicons merge to form Devastator, the Thrillist Network's Best Of is more than meets the eye.

Emailed to Vegas:Ultimate Bachelor Party From debauchery facilitators Vegas Passport, the UBP is a $99/person boozy ValPak that covers admission and grants line-skipping VIP-ness at 16 clubs and two gentlemen's establishments, plus packs in all manner of perks at a slew of other quality joints. Get some Vegas lovin'

Emailed to Chicago:Rent Jungle A just-launched repository of more than 15,000 listings within five miles of the Loop all organized in a sexy, easy-to-navigate map format, RJ is the brainchild of a Midwest duo that took their diverse experiences (one in the tech world, the other in real estate) and spawned the most logical hybrid of their abilities, considering their condo made from Apple IIC's totally froze. Get rent

Emailed to Los Angeles:Runpee Run's a long-needed compendium of when-to-urinate-during-flicks information ensuring you won't miss major plot points/action, started by a SoCal web designer who got the idea after painfully holding it for the entirety of King Kong, adding insult to injury. Check yourself before you wet yourself, with Runpee

Emailed to San Francisco:Death Star Destroys Enterprise Some Trek hater crafted this amateurish vid of a few Stormtroopers watching the Death Star superlaser the SS Enterprise to oblivion over the bay, then celebrate with a fist-pound, the official Imperial mocking of Skywalker's stump-bump. Geek out on this

Emailed to Nation:Social Status Generator To generate impossibly annoying witticisms to plug into your social site's status bar, just click a topic in the tag cloud and you'll get back sooooo snarky gems from "...thinks that if atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby", to " reflecting that the cost of living hasn't affected its popularity", to "...wouldn't be caught dead with a necrophiliac", which, to make a joke, completely ignores that fact that you weren't given a choice. Supplement your tepid wit now