Best of the Best

Like Vince Schlomi battering a prostitute, the Thrillist Network's Best Of will ShamWow you with the latest and greatest.

Emailed to Los Angeles:Your Baby Is An A**hole A photo-and-commentary blog started by two local fashion chicks, Baby compiles shots of toddlers participating in mostly adultish forms of insolent behavior, alongside explanations of what exactly makes them so loatheable, other than the whole diaper changing thing. If you can't kick them, at least laugh at them

Emailed to Vegas:Spy On Vegas Hot 100 Every weekend since April 10th, aspiring scamps from around the country have flocked to various Vegas pools to put themselves in the running for a $25,000 grand prize. Poolside judges have narrowed things down to 78 finalists, but the ultimate vote's up to you: just sign up for a free account (takes two secs, totally worth it), then put your reputation behind the likes of Atlanta's "hot, funny, and energetic" Brandy Baker, or Lake Perris, CA's Alice Vasquez, whose ideal date starts with a "morning workout" -- depressingly, this is not a euphemism. Oh hellloooooo ta-tas

Emailed to Chicago:Summer Beer Pairings Although choosing the right beer to pair with your grill food usually ends with "pass me the beer", we went beyond the pale (ale) -- pestering Sheffield's resident Beer School expert Phil Kuhl until he divulged the tastiest summer brews to pair w/ cookout classics. Drop it like it's brät

Emailed to San Francisco:Ugliest Tattoos From a Berkeley chick and a guy named Stephen comes Ugliest Tattoos, a no-holds-barred compendium of the world's most "brain-explodingly terrible" ink, editorialized with snark so brutal, you'll pity their poor subjects. OK, no you won't. You're mirthless if you don't click this link

Emailed to Dallas:Nerdbots A married couple in the flat heart of Big 12 country (KC) use antique- and thrift-store detritus (heads from Polaroids and pressure gauges; bodies from fan housings and electric panels; hands/feet from hoses, springs, and door pulls) to create "found object robots for your inner nerd" -- overall, great conversation pieces, though you can discuss your robot only so long before "inner" becomes "outer". They also make great tees, check 'em out