It's great to have people bid on your services, unless of course you're trying to raise money for new cheerleader uniforms and end up getting bought by Wendy, who's just so depressingly lonely. For non-Wendys bidding to help you through tax season, hit up BidAWiz. Providing a forum where laymen can have money issues solved by industry pros actually competing for their business, Bid's founder was inspired after finding his background in equity research analysis prompted endless money related questions from family & friends who were in need of pro advice but unable afford it -- so yeah, they really needed some advice. Covering Q's on everything from personal/self-employment taxes, to consolidating student debt, to improving tax flow, user-submitted e-queries are delivered to a band of 150+ seasoned finance vets (aka "wizards") who average 20+ years experience, and hold titles including CPA, JD, PHD, NASD, and MBA, which is only awarded once you know how to Maximize Benjamins, Aight? Wiz's of appropriate expertise'll then post offers to help handle your troubles, which include a lowdown on their credentials and a proposal fee, allowing you to choose the one that's fits needs/budget; once you do, just pay your invoice and then you and your wiz'll tackle the issue via email, saving you the hassle of driving to your accountant's office only to have him tell you the BRAT you rode in on is too rich for your blood.To ensure quality service, users can rate their wiz after the job's concluded, and the site's set up so wiz's who truly impress can be easily recommended to friends, a process that nets you a cool $5 you can put toward your Zach fund, 'cause damn it's been forever since you've been touched.