Bike Film Fest

As a kid you worshipped your bike -- at least 'til you screwed it over for your first car. Now that you live in a traffic-choked driver's hell, it's time to rekindle your bike love, with the 6th Annual Bicycle Film Festival, kicking off tonight

The BFF hits nine spots globally, from Tokyo to NYC. Each city gets five nights of documentaries about people who've put two-wheeled transport at the center of lifestyles so impressively reckless, you'll totally want to date them.

Some film highlights:

B.I.K.E.: Profiles NYC's "Black Label Bicycle Club" chapter, badass bike-builders who also enjoy bike jousting, flaming bikes, riding with firecrackers shooting out of their butts, bikes with jet engines, and beating up their archrivals, "The Ribbon and Basket Boyz". M.A.S.H.: Documents San Francisco fixed-gear riders, whose life mission's to go as fast as possible with one gear, no breaks, and nothing in their heads but the Queen lyrics "Bicycle! Bicycle!"

Pedal: Captures the lives of NYC bike messengers -- the thrills, the spills, the frustration of hot receptionists refusing your romantic overtures despite being way into your spandex...

Everything kicks off with tonight's opening bash at Williamsburg's Union Pool (each film gets its own afterparty as well). There's also a Saturday street fest (1-7pm in front of the Anthology), with demos, ramps, and an open skid competition. Just be careful getting down there, or all this'll end in tragedy when the revelers are accidentally run down by your cab driver.