The Black Buoy

The Internet provides a fulfilling fallback to even the grandest of unmet ambitions -- a would-be novelist can turn to blogging, while a would-be X-Gamer can post vids of himself crushing his testicles on a railing. Fulfilling unmet boutique dreams, The Black Buoy

E-store BB's the exclusive peddler of moan-inducingly soft graphic tees, premium button downs, and winter coats from LOLA and Max & Suzanne, whose Hamptons-reared founders aspired to open a joint Sag Harbor boutique, but were canny enough to say "screw it, doesn't your cousin know HTML?". The LOLA black and white Pima cotton tees are covered with happily disconnected themes, from "Mom" (heart w/ arrow shot through), to "Insufficient Fun" (artfully crumpled receipts), to "Walt Whitman", a pic of Uncle Walt captioned with "City of Orgies" ("the bright windows, with goods in converse with learn'd persons..." -- get your freak on, Whitman). Meanwhile, M&S's made-in-NYC swag includes comfy Pima graphic tees (stylized stencil logo, B&W fingerless gloves), winter coats (double-breasted motorcycle-style jacket, satin-lined tan wool pea coat), and their specialty: supple Egyptian cotton button downs in double- and single-pocketed styles (for working casual), and a bib front style (for the mod drooler)

But BB hasn't given up on brick & mortar: this summer, they plan to open a Sag Harbor pop-up, with a more permanent shop to follow -- completely unnecessary, since your grand ambition to get off the couch has long been replaced with lazily clicking "buy".