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Blackout NYC

Monday marks the 3rd anniversary of the big blackout of 2003, when New Yorkers spent dark days one of two ways: drinking in the street, or drinking in a bar. Since the NYPD doesn't accept nostalgia as an excuse for public intox, celebrate by joining in Monday night's Blackout NYC.

Ostensibly organized to raise awareness about energy conservation, BNYC's really promoting alcohol consumption: participating bars throughout Downtown will slash drink prices and, for historical accuracy, douse their electric lights. To keep you from tripping over a chair and suing, the bars will provide luminescence with candles, flashlights, and rags dipped in whale tallow. As for your booze savings, you can use it to replace the food that's been rotting in your refrigerator since August 14, 2003

Because too much authenticity would be sweaty, these bars will be cranking their ACs. So get comfortable and share stories of that magical time: the places where you found refuge, the strange people you met, and your frenzied, Paul Revere-like sprint down Broadway shrieking about terrorists.