The Blue Gear Works

In order for another man's trash to become your treasure, you need insight and skill -- without Mike Martz's wacky offensive strategy, Kurt Warner would've been just another guy with a smokin' hot wife. Incorporating others' junk into wicked mewelry, The Blue Gear Works.A bewildering collection of evil-themed accessories and necrotic animal talismans, Blue's from a longtime EVillage local who culls his raw material from both squirrelish hoarders (junk peddlers, flea market collectors, etc) and the ultimate discard bin, Nature. Starting with junk-sourced goods, Blue peddles several cufflinks (mid-century dimes and antique coins, sterling silver skulls...) and timepiece-themed accessories, including a dime-sized pendant made from a vintage watch mechanism, and a silver-plated antique pocket watch refaced with voodoo-like charms, e.g., a tiger eye gem (for courage), an onyx stone (to ward off bad intentions), and a menacing, hand painted glass eye (to ward off The Last Action Hero). Animal-themed goods include brass-, silver-, and gold-plated pendants made from hummingbird skulls (found while rooting through leaves and deer remains in the woods), plus necklaces made from the skulls of Asian fruit bats -- besides the aforementioned Schwarzenegger the only known animal to paternally lactate.Then there are fetchingly disturbing outliers, like a series of sterling silver rings inset with glass-blown "creature eyes" -- cats, dragons, even humans, made from those gouged out after taking a closer look at Kurt Warner's wacky, offensive wife.