Brian Wood

Preppy boarding school tennis dudes may front a clean cut lifestyle, but they're really just masking a petulantly rebellious dark side fueled by remote fathers, expensive drugs and, in the case of 1930s great Don Budge, the privileged thrill of kicking babies. Get both sides of the personality, with Brian Wood.

A Jersey-born, Pratt-schooled designer's eponymous line, Wood's spring duds come in two separate but complementary collections: a set of luxuriantly preppy, Wimbledon-inspired jackets, shirts, and shorts, and a selection of lewdly snarky tees, all united under the louchebaggy title "Flash the Queen". Starting with the lux, Wood's peddling sweet white leather jackets with red, white, & blue striped storm cuffs, cable-knit tennis sweaters and cardigans, navy half-length overcoats, and an oxford cotton button-down bearing the line's logo: three tennis balls, two crossed rackets, and a middle finger (f*ck tennis, anyone?). As for the graphic tees, Wood ribs Her Majesty (a magenta shirt w/ the queen's head morphed into a pig & surrounded by bananas), goofs on tennis (a black tee with heavily pixelated naked peeps frolicking amongst tennis balls), and invokes Sesame Street's The Count on a lime green tee w/ the mathematical Muppet's dripping head stuck on an ice cream stick, with tennis balls for eyes, and a Rolling Stones tongue -- surely the product of one, two, three acid trips, ah ah ah.

Wood also peddles most of his designs on tank tops -- risky, because even if you aren't rebellious, your shoulder hair is.