Brooklyn Bowl

Once you've launched Oasis' first American tour, and even brought the Disco Biscuits to the brink of being recognized in line at Starbucks, what could you possibly promote as an encore? Bowling, maybe? Shooting to open within the week, Brooklyn Bowl.

A 16-lane strikers' paradise that combines the sleek amenities of Lucky Strike with the anti-sleek Williamsburgery of The Gutter, B-Bowl's from the guy behind Wetlands Preserve, the storied rock & jam band venue where John Popper famously used up the entire global supply of Harmonica Solo. Fully eco-conscious (100% wind-powered electricity, 200yr-old reclaimed wood floors...) and decked in Coney-inspired murals and clown-themed "knock down punk" art, the immense space contains two separate but contiguous zones: a diner-style full bar and open kitchen serving Blue Ribbon sliders/poppers/wings on 8ft tables, and another, 20-seat full bar leading toward the lanes and serving ten all-Brooklyn beers, including five Brooklyn Brewery, three Six Point, and two Kelso -- all draughts, since bottles and cans are bad for the environment, though all vessels spell doom for you. Just past the bar's the shangri-lanes, rocking Trek-like scoring panels, plush leather pincushion couches, and huge end-of-lane HD projection screens showing everything from vintage Zeppelin concerts, to Mets/Yankees games, to episodes of Animal Planet, where you'll learn that meerkats are so amazingly human-like, they also lie about being good at bowling.

Behind the lanes, B-Bowl's erected a raised DJ booth, plus a 35ft-wide stage for live national and local acts, with the first to be nailed down NY's A/V wizzes The Eclectic Method -- who you'll soon recognize at Starbucks as you order your breakfast of coffee and a Disco Biscuit.

*Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bowl