Sunglasses for the active

Specially designed for mildly intense bongoing in Zuccotti Park a life spent in "pursuit of activity", fat, old you can nevertheless get yourself BK-based Activist's tech'd-up sunnies, assuming you act fast enough to nab one of the 718 (area code alert!) pairs they make of each look. Crafted in Japan, every lens has an ultra-thin film polarization filter layer at its core, which is then cast in a ballistic-grade hybrid polymer, and finished in a vacuum chamber with an anti-reflective coating; frames, meanwhile, have forked "Split-Fit" temples that distribute force evenly to reduce pressure points and grip your head, an activity that's always pretty shady. Peep the action:

The Walkabout: This rounded, aviator-esque pair's stainless steel frame features a "delicate" filigree on the bridge and eyewire, and's designed for those who believe the "journey is the destination", so...they're on a Vision Quest?

The Summit: Similar to the Walkabout but with a squarer bottom, the Summit's "a bit more officers' club than flight deck", and comes in three distinct colorways: Polished Silver, Gold/Matte Black, and Warm Gunmetal, which thinks it's responsible for your smoking looks.

The Old Styles: They've still got some of the original drop avail, with designs ranging from a circular, Lennon-esque joint, to a take on the Wayfarer whose temples are hinge-less, though not as unhinged as what's between the temples of anyone who has the time to semi-intensely bongo all day for weeks on end.