Burger Truck

The most celebrated NY food trucks deal only in sweets, or grub so alien, you're not even sure what they're selling, like "Dinges", and "Wafel". Now slinging the most fundamental foodstuff of all, La Cense Burger Truck

A bread truck redesigned as a roving representative of the West via all-over images of Montana's rolling fields, BT's the handiwork of La Cense, a Big Sky farm that traditionally home delivers grass-fed, humanely raised steaks but, as the Doobie Brothers did with angry, Malcolm X-style political activism, is now takin it to the streets. To create the perfect street patty, they've hooked up with Daisy May's BBQ chef: author of Serious Barbecue, first place pork shoulder winner at the World Series of Barbecue, and Grand Champion at the World Pork Expo, a celebration of freedom and creativity that culminates in the pagan burning of a 200ft tall wooden swine. To streamline the operation, the truck's peddling exactly one item: a fresh 6oz grass-fed patty griddled w/ caramelized onions on a sesame bun (tomato, lettuce, condiments optional) served with Kettle Brand chips that're 65% reduced fat, and 35% you're-still-fat

Pending the finalization of one little health inspection, the BT'll begin cruising midtown rain or shine. The truck's phone number is stickered on its roof, and if it's raining/they're nearby, you can call it and someone'll deliver your meal right to your door, where you'll wafel over the alien predicament of whether or not to tip.