Cheap Gear Rundown

Downtown Gear:Steven Alan'til the fall stock's sold out, at all Manhattan stores SA's knocking 50% off blazers, coats, jeans, and hats. He will also sell you his spare first name for $1. Gear of Mixed Heritage:Gant'til the fall gear's gone, 645 5th Ave, near 51stFounded by a Ukrainian immigrant, Gant invented American-casual, eventually got bought by a Swedish company, and now "fuses American casualness with European elegance." So the 50% they've slashed off sweaters, long-sleeve polos, and jackets must reflect Ukrainian cheapness? Sport-No-One-Actually-Plays-Gear:PoloThru Feb 1 at both Manhattan storesDesperate for companionship, Polo's founder is constantly inviting men to "enter the world of Ralph Lauren". Take up his offer by snagging 50-70% off holiday/fall sport coats, jackets, shirts, and sweaters -- then think of an excuse to leave as soon as the sale ends.West Coast Gear:Big Drop Men's'til the fall stuff's gone, at 1321 3rd Ave, near 75th50-80% off LA-influenced fashion including tee shirts, jeans, blazers, coats, and jackets, with the prize being a $600 cashmere sweater for $99. Historical Gear:CockpitThru Jan 31 at 652 Broadway, between Bleecker and BondThe Pit's offering 50-70% off everything from sweaters to bomber jackets, much of it inspired by WWII's South Pacific theater -- where Kamikazes rained terror from the skies, and our boys rained Lucky Strike butts onto Kamikazes.Casual and Formal Gear:Rothman'sThru Feb 11 at 200 Park Ave S, at 17th30-40% off suits/sportswear/denim and shoes from Hugo Boss, Canali, Zegna, Joseph Abboud, Penguin, Seven Jeans, Ben Sherman, Ted Baker, Burberry, Cole Haan, Hickey-Freeman, and some other brand called "Many Others". Happy-to-be-Here Gear:Uniqlo'til it's gone at 546 Broadway, between Prince and SpringThe Japanese newcomer, whose "Hello, New York!" ad campaign has found its way onto billboards, posters, and, somehow, the underside of your toilet lid, is slashing 50% off tees, button-downs, and outerwear. Break-Your-Dry-Spell Gear:AtriumThru mid-Feb at 644 Broadway, at BleeckerThe denim go-to is (insert action verb here)-ing up to 70% off select jeans, pants, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. Not Actually Gear:Armani/CasaThru Jan 31 at 97 Greene St, near PrinceThere's no point in taking a woman attracted by your stylish duds back to an apartment full of beer-branded inflatable chairs. So take advantage of the up-to-50% off AC's offering on their slickly modern furnishings -- because fancy clothes do nothing for the blue balls that lie beneath.