Cheap Gear Rundown

Designer Gear:Bloomingdale's Oddly-named "Very Handsome Offer"Thru Sun: BD's Uptown and SohoBD's hacking 30-40% off designer menswear (John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren, those other guys), from shoes to shirts to suits. If you're color-blind/regular-blind, you can get personal shopper assistance at no extra charge. See the flye

For Your Rack:Dwell's Bedding SaleThru Tue: 62 Greene St, between Spring and Broome50% off retail on sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and other stuff you roll around naked on.

Edgier Clothing:DDC Lab Sample SaleThru Sat: 7 Mercer St, between Howard and CanalDDC's slashing 80% off their technology-influenced gear. If you're smart enough to know what that is, you obviously graduated from the University of Phoenix. See the flye

Vintage Action:What Comes Around Goes Around's Fall BlowoutThu-Sun: 351 W Broadway, between Grand and BroomeUp to 80% off outerwear (sweaters, leather jackets, shearling coats, etc), plus 20% off vintage denim -- old school jeans that were once hocked to cover someone's pathetically massive Quaalude debt. See the flye

Dead German Designer:Hugo Boss Warehouse SaleSun-Wed at Soiffer-Haskin: 317 W 33rd St, near 8thMore info at SoifferHaskin.com; credit cards onlyPrices haven't been released, but at SH's last Boss sale dress button-downs went for a measly $35. Also deeply discounted: shoes, belts, socks, ties, pants, shirts, and underwear (if that's the sort of thing you're into).

Grooming, Etc:Truman's Gifts For Mankind Martini Party6-7:30pm (or 7:30-9pm) Tue Nov 14120 E 56th St, between Park and Lexington; rsvp at Trumans-NYC.comSnag some giftish stuff early: up to 25% off Dopp kit-ready merch from Anthony and eShave, plus shirts from Alfred Dunhill and custom cufflinks from Annelli -- a perfect gift for dad. Truman's will also be serving up gratis gin and vodka martinis -- a perfect gift for you, especially if your father hates you

Cover Your Back:Andrew Marc Sample SaleThru Sun at Penn Pza Pavilion: 401 7th Ave, at 33rdThe man's gear is typically described as "luxury", but now that he's selling leather jackets and other outerwear for up to 60% off, Andrew Marc has become Crazy Eddie.

Cover Your Ass:Earnest Sewn Sample SaleThru Saturday: 72 Greene St, near SpringUp to 75% off Earnest Sewn's premium denim, which merges Americana with "Wabi Sabi" -- Japanese for "nothing is perfect". Which could describe these jeans' non-sale prices, or your ability to fit in them after eating an entire holiday goose.