Smashed guitar statues

Destruction can be hard to rebuild from, especially if your band has an Appetite For it, and your lead singer turns out to have an appetite for everything. For a dude making art from things more destroyed than Chinese Democracy, check out Chris Chappell.

Local artist CC makes sculptures from smashed guitars (some real, some miniaturized replicas painstakingly crafted using the same oil and saline aging processes as the originals), an idea lighted upon while watching a movie in which a guitarist tosses his wrecked instrument into a sea of fans who "churned and frothed for the pieces much like piranhas in a creek", so you know they dig Phish. A couple of gnarly axes:

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Beautiful, and The Damned: Rocking a 22-karat iPod dock & wireless AirPlay speakers, this still-somewhat-recognizable Strat hangs on a stickered (Funkadelic, NIN, Dylan...) SWAT shield, sure to Quiet your Riot.

Whole Lotta Badass: Mounted on a lacquered & varnished PVC frame that's adorned with multiple black deer antlers, this "menacing" work features a barely discernible axe modeled after the Les Paul played by Jimmy Page (break it, and somebody will come play you the world's smallest violin...bow, on a guitar, cause we're talking about Jimmy Page here).

Death Magnetic: Part of the artist's miniature series, this piece replicates Kirk Hammett's Flying V, and fixes it to a hand-stained-maple-based giraffe rib, the only animal known for getting higher on trees than a musician.

He'll also let you into his gallery with an appointment and do custom orders, claiming "nothing is too weird or fantastical", also what Axl said before that Spaghetti Incident.