Crappy Taxidermy

Even the tiniest niche can surprise by containing a staggering variety, as exemplified by that handful of tiny plush dolls that grew into an endless menagerie of Beanie Babies that you were totally only holding on to for your sister. For a staggeringly long procession of dead animals, there's Crappy Taxidermy.

Created by a New Yorker who once half-jokingly suggested her boyfriend become a taxidermist so he could mount their dead gerbils in "epic, over-the-top fight scenes", CT's harnessed the furry mausoleums of eBay to grow from a personal project to its current swollen collection of nearly 1000 photos of heinously bad preservation. Decorative death includes traditional taxidermy gone bad, i.e., a roaring mountain lion seemingly wearing mascara, and rabbits poised to hump, but things get next level with chimeras like a tarantula with a screaming bat head, and a mohawk'd squirrel-turkey (squirrkey!); armed animals including a jihadi rabbit with an AK-47, and a six-shooter wielding deputy armadillo; and not-seen-in-nature whimsy like ducks donning matronly floral dresses, and a badger wearing a crappy suit...clearly inaccurate as everyone knows Wisconsin grads to be dandy sartorialists. For those who prefer functional stuffage, highlights include a wall mounted deer rump with a bottle opener in its o-ring, assorted footwear (rat slippers, boots apparently made from Clydesdale legs, etc), a post-apocalyptic Harley sporting two giant racks of antlers/bear's head/ram's horns/stuffed skunk, and even a working beaver PC, proving you are what you surf.

If CT's inexorable march isn't swift enough for you, submit your own images of eternal pain -- a feeling you thought to be your very own tiny niche when your sister took back MC Beanie V the Bear.