Dads In Short Shorts

There are certain traumatic moments that everyone's parents put them through, from Mom giving you a kiss goodbye while your friends are watching, to Mom giving her "special friend" Jerry a kiss goodbye when she thinks your friends aren't watching. And then, there's Dads In Short Shorts.

From an NYU-schooled roommate duo inspired by a shot of filial booty shortin' in one of their family photo albums, DISS is a fresh blog celebrating that certain ratio of shorts length to age that's "embarrassing to young children, sexy to moms, and generally offensive to business owners and the public at large". While waiting on said public to get on board, the first round of insider-sourced photos includes a large, tan, polo shirted dad getting loose on vacation by coyly pulling his khaki shorts up to reveal his pale, meaty thigh; another fellow loosening up even more by striking a disco pose and pairing his burnt orange nutters w/ a sombrero and cowboy boots; and a pops rocking a white-n-red ringer tee to match his red bun-huggers, an 80s camp steez that's perilously close to revealing his own Meatballs. Many pics also feature witty commentary from the founders, including one of a burly, bodyguard-looking guy ("despite the beard and sunglasses, this dad is not leaving much to the imagination"), another of a particularly striking jean shorted gent with a t-shirt from a Caribbean-themed bar ("I don't think anyone will be losing this dad in the Bermuda Triangle"), and a vacay shot of which they say "Brooklyn dad is slightly out of his element, yet still appears very comfortable, thanks to his sweatpant short shorts"), the very same style with which you ruined Casual Friday's for everyone.

Of course the dad who inspired it all is in evidence too, rocking nothing but a hairy chest and a pair of yellow nylon daisy dukes, but sadly his face has been blurred out and -- whoah, wait a minute...dammit, is that Jerry!?