D.A.T.E. Sneakers

Guys love to see just how much they can get away with; Tom Brady dumped his baby mama while maintaining his golden boy image, and Eli won the Super Bowl while maintaining his patina of "special needs". Miraculously maintaining their status as sneakers, D.A.T.E.Acronymed after the first names of the company founders (sorry, E.D.A.T.), D.A.T.E. freely employs a wide range of non-traditional materials and patterns without sacrificing sneakers' inherent wearability. Starting with their low-tops (categorized under "Sweet"), D tweaks convention with three sheeny plastic outsole'd models (formalwearish black, white w/ green stitching, red w/ white stitching), plus two jobbies made with silver and gold-laminated calfskin; additionally, each low-top toecap's perforated in a curly-q pattern for a rarely executed look of Brahmin radness. Category II's dubbed "Tenders" (mid-tops improbably sporting 70s-era grandma's sofa prints), but the dopest pairs fall under "Sports": all leather, Jordan-esque high-tops w/ perforated toecap, colored leather ankle guards, and suede tongue -- not technically designed for basketball, but then again, neither are you.If you're feeling like a European pimp, D also hawks brightly colored felt fedoras; there's also one leather travel bag, for when you fail to get away with that pimp thing, and just have to get away.