The Diet Coke<br> Style Series

Missing out on an epic event can be devastating, estranging you from those who experienced it and forcing you to spend the rest of your life telling unconvincing lies about how you too thought the world-changing moment in question was "um, yeah, pretty sweet." This afternoon, Diet Coke is presenting a day of entertainment using a cutting-edge multimedia platform that'll ensure you get to catch all the action -- and end the lies forever. Today in Times Square, Diet Coke is using the most super-futuristic means at its disposal to blast out performances both musical (Pharrell-endorsed R&Ber Robin Thicke) and fashionable (Cynthia Rowley). For starters: the performances, recorded in the Reuters studios, will be broadcast live over the bookend Reuters & NASDAQ billboards; for crystal-clear audio, just call the number projected on the screens, thereby blowing your mind with the contrast between thousands of square feet of state-of-the-art signage and the single square inch of your next-gen cellie. If you can't make Times Square, everything's being streamed live at -- so you can watch from anywhere, unless you're in a maximum security prison, or stuck in Belgium without a voltage adapter. Check back at the site weekly, and you'll also be privy to 5-minute segments featuring more footage and interviews -- so much behind-the-scenes info that, even if you somehow miss today's show, at least you'll be able to lie convincingly about having seen it, and not have to admit that you spent a pretty sweet two hours mute on a conference call.