Dine Private

Organizing a private dinner's exhausting, what with negotiating an amenable date/time for your many friends & colleagues, and inventing a fictitious date and time to feed John's handsy Deerfield hockey buddy Brian. At least now dealing with the restaurant's easy, thanks to Dine Private.

A partnership between resto-presario Joe Bastianich and the prolific genius behind AlwaysHungryNY, Jeff Zalaznick, DP's revolutionizing the planning of big swinging private meals with an OpenTable-style website that eliminates time-consuming over-the-phone inquiries, arrangements, and fruitless sexual overtures to hostesses. To get going, input your desired date and party size, plus optional budget (total or per person) and desired "experience" (breakfast/ brunch/ lunch/ dinner/ cocktail); further whittling's courtesy of drop boxes covering cuisine (Italian, seafood, steakhouse), 10-plus 'hoods, and features like "celebrated chef", "jacket required", and "kid friendly", because no amount of jacket will quell your love of poop jokes/chicken tenders. Click-to-book results, which allow you to choose everything from birthday cake messages to menus, come back with sexy interior photos, plus important deets including applicable tags from the aforementioned drop boxes, seating capacity, whether the space is semi- or totally private, and price minimum -- if you're achingly close, throw on that order of "Can of Coke".

While they're planning to continually add to their Rolodex, the streamlined, heavy hitting launch lineup includes the BLT and Craft empires, Daniel and Bar Boulud, Lupa and Del Posto, Quality Meats, and Park Avenue Autumn, so anyone talking to that dbag Brian can just tell him it's at Park Ave Winter.