Dream Car Tour

Movies like The Cannonball Run taught us that there's nothing cooler than men racing exotic sports cars down public roads in defiance of law, order, and good dialogue. To experience your own 'ball, sign up for Gotham Dream Cars' "Dream Car Tour".

The DCT puts aspirant lead-foots into dramatically unaffordable automobiles (including a Ferrari F430, a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and an Aston Martin Vanquish), then takes them on a 4.5hr burn through the highways and backroads of NY and Northern NJ. For variety's sake, the drivers pull over at five checkpoints and switch vehicles, 'til everyone's had a chance to flog six state-of-the-art engines.

More pertinent info:

  • You can leave the convoy as long as you make the checkpoints. And there are no limiters on the cars -- speeding's not encouraged, but it's not discouraged either. So it's kind of encouraged.

  • You can dramatically cut your costs by partnering with a friend -- then dramatically increase your drive time by stuffing him in your tiny sports car trunk.
  • Each car's equipped with a two-way radio, perfect for tossing memorable movie quotes at other drivers, e.g. "The Cannonball shall fall to the forces of Islam!" and the Days of Thunder mantra "Rubbin's racing".
  • As with any dream, there's a hitch: one passenger in each car must have insurance, which Gotham insanely doesn't offer. But your policy covers you just like with any rental, or you can rope in an insured friend -- then cannonball his premiums when you spill Slurpee all over a $250,000 ride.