Drywell Art

Butcher's diagrams help make neat sense of an otherwise confusing process, though clearing up exactly where sweetbreads are from has been known to make people chuck. For art inspired by such meat maps, check out Drywell Art.From a former immigration lawyer who, despite zero formal art training, got her "balls out of her purse" and started making watercolor/ink/charcoal prints inspired by butcher diagrams, Drywell attempts to identify the "meat-analogous sub-components of everyday life", though everyday life would suck if your sub components were only "meat-analagous". The most recent addition to her collection's an entry to her "Meat My City" series, with the slogan "Brooklyn Knows the Tastiest Parts" next to a pig diagram that's been broken down into a mix of 60+ porcine bits (e.g., fatback, kosher bacon) and BK nabes, including DUMBO, Sheepshead Bay, Pigtown, and Gowanus, which better be a neighborhood, 'cause otherwise, grooooooooss. Other designs range from the caped hero Super Pig, whose cuts are all similarly "super"; a hot dog whose parts all have questions marks after them; the "so tasty it must be imaginary but it's actually real meat" narwhal; and even a perverse look at "the forbidden meat" known as Puppy Belly, which might be more popular if it didn't taste like shihtzu.There're even a handful of holiday cards, from an antler-wearing pig wishing you Hammy Holidays, to another with a Santa hat declaring Merry Carnitas -- nab one for your lady to streamline the otherwise confusing process of getting some skirt steak.