Vintage sneakers are a powerful force: they can improve a man's standing with women, and help him win the hearts of cringing introverts -- who appreciate having something to admire as they stare at the floor during parties. For truly distinctive kicks, hit New York's first Dunkxchange, this Saturday at Stereo. Dunkxchange is a five-hour feeding frenzy for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade rare footwear. Hundreds are expected to show up, examine prospective deals like old women shopping for cabbage, then walk away confident they haven't bought "fake shoes". As the event's name suggests, the dominant brand'll be Nikes: Dunks and SV's (highs and lows), AF-1's, and Air Jordans. The latter should be available in hard-to-find larger sizes, handy if you're big-footed, or need a weekend duffle bag. Prices range from $70 to three thousandish. You won't save money, but you will find models unavailable in stores. You'll also improve vendor self-esteem by making them feel like businessmen instead of fetish monkeys with closets full of unworn shoes. Assuming you're not renting a seller's table, you can bring up to three pairs of your own to sell or trade. And the bar will be serving cocktails, whose fixed price/alcohol content can provide welcome relief from haggling.There might be a line out front, but Thrillist readers can avoid it by RSVPing to dunk@stereonyc.com. When you arrive, head straight for the Stereo doorman, who'll have your name on a list. So even if you don't upgrade your dogs, you'll still be better than everybody else.