The Equinox

Autumn should be a time for college football, pro football, and gambling on football -- but unfortunately it's also when your girlfriend starts nagging you to take her on a romantic getaway deep in the bowels of New England. Before resigning yourself to a teste-tucked weekend of apple picking, consider The Equinox in Manchester, VT

Wedged between the Green and Taconic mountains, the Equinox is a sprawling, 237-year-old resort offering girlfriendly crap like a 13,000 sq ft spa, fireplace-equipped suites, nature walks, etc. More importantly, it's got:

  • The Orvis School, which runs guided trout fishing trips and shotgun workshops -- like theater workshops, except you can answer "constructive criticism" with buckshot instead of tears.
  • Gleneagles, an award-winning golf course w/ cheap greens fees after 3pm ($59).
  • An 80-acre off-road driving school, where you can practice the fine art of flipping someone else's Land Rover.
  • The British School of Falconry (that's right, falconry), where you'll unleash vicious raptors on quail, rabbit, and partridge like some kind of Feudal lord -- albeit one more likely to catch Avian Flu than the Black Death.

Most activities are discounted for groups, making Equinox equally ideal for a guys-only weekend (but not too guys only -- there are women at nearby Stratton ski resort). But it's best as an enjoyable way to mark "autumnal couples vacation" off your list before betting the rest of your discretionary income on the Buckeyes, the Chargers, and the over-under for you actually staying in this relationship.