Etiqueta Negra

Argentina's the world's most splendidly superficial country, with health care that includes cosmetic surgery and webcam girls feted with titles like "Best Buttock of the Year". To get as attractive as an Argentine -- but clothed -- hit Etiqueta Negra.An immense, plank-floored boutique man-of-leisure'd up with racing helmets, vintage luggage, and a cherry red 1938 Alfa Romeo, Negra's the first stateside boutique from a pair of Argentinean businessmen so fashionable, they actually own a polo team. The lux commences with formal-ish wear: silk and cashmere zip-up sweaters, leather elbow patch corduroy blazers, single-button suit coats rocking four-button cuffs, and white cotton button-downs w/ pleated plackets -- sure to inspire onlookers to say, 'damn, tux to be you'. Negra also hawks casual wear (distressed tees, supple South American denim), outerwear (mod-cut leather and reversible nylon jackets), and dress kicks, including horsehide shoes handmade by the company that services Prince Charles (motto: "Fit you while you wait and wait and be king!").Soon, Negra will open additional stateside locations, though they're not sure exactly where -- proving they may be superficial, but at least they're not decisive.