Evil Dead: The Musical

In general, any musical that doesn't include someone getting sexually assaulted by a tree isn't worth seeing. Enter Evil Dead: The Musical, coming this October.

ED:TM's a gruesome song-and-dance based on Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic. A major production compared to most B-movie adaptations, it's co-directed by Hinton Battle, who you hopefully won't recognize as the Tony-winning star of Miss Saigon. The plot: frolicsome youths venture to abandoned cabin, stumble upon dusty tome entitled "The Necronomicon", get possessed by malevolent spirits, and start hacking each other to pieces. And yes, there's also a horrifyingly lusty tree.

This might not seem like natural show-tune material, but apparently it is, with numbers including:

  • "All the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons"
  • "Look Who's Evil Now"
  • "What the F_ _K Was That?"

Tickets for ED are just now available, but select your seats wisely: the first two rows have been designated a "Splatter Zone" and gore-resistant gear is encouraged. Whether or not you opt for the bloodbath, check this musical out -- because until someone dares to produce Ghoulies Take Broadway, you won't want to see another.