Unearthing sports clips sweet enough to make you a list serve hero takes hard work or dumb luck -- sadly, you're not lucky enough to like working, and you don't work hard enough to be lucky. Piggyback off someone else's labor, with FanDome

NY-based FD's the Library of Alexandria of college and pro snippets, with 33,000 (and counting) cross-referenced vids both current and old-school -- categorized by sport, team, and player, and further winnowed by optional filters so user-friendly they throw down a virtual "Turbo Sexophonic Delight" dunk on the Dewey Decimal System's face. Prime categories include the Big 4 pro leagues and NCAA Basketball/Football, plus more general fare like Snowboarding, MMA, and Golf, so you can fish broad (NFC East, Big 12), specific (Mets Full Game Highlights, NBA Slam Dunk), or virtually nonexistent (MLS). Buried gems're easily found through the less conventional filters: hit "Mascots" under NCAA Football to watch the OSU Duck pummel -- then face-hump -- Shasta the Cougar, or hit "Funny" under Boxing to glean pearls from Iron Mike, who in one priceless moment boasts that, for a convicted rapist, he's still a "semi-good husband"

If your team's lacking in both highlights and entertaining lowlights, Dome's included a spirit-lifting cheerleader section, alleviating another area where laziness and bad luck has left you hopeless -- access to cheerleaders.