FC Barcelona

America's the Mecca of eating contests and celebrity dance-offs, but not world-class soccer. All this will change when Euro powerhouse FC Barcelona comes to NY/NJ's world-class Meadowlands to dispatch Red Bull New York

Fresh off their 1st place showing in Europe's Champions League tournament, "Barca" is blowing through an ego-padding jaunt across the US. Typically clubs of this caliber leave their best players behind on exhibition tours, but FC's actually forcing their superstars to come enrage American crowds with their talent

This means August 12th's your shot to cheer on some of the best one-named athletes in the universe: World Player of the Year Ronaldinho, "Silver Ball" honoree Deco, and Argentinean phenom Messi -- humbly dubbed by Maradona as the next Maradona. But more importantly, this Meadowlands match provides a rare opportunity to root against Barcelona, free of the usual terror imposed by their infamously stab-happy fans. So join the Red Bull diehards at Lot 16A to tailgate, drink, and sing beligerent soccer chants. If the inevitable FCB victory leaves you eager to assert America's dominance in something, wolf down a dozen Freedom dogs, sashay like J. Peterman over to a skinny foreigner, and free kick him in the nuts.