Frank Rostron Custom Shirts

The classic English dress shirt has ennobled all manner of amoral behavior -- it's the preferred garb for Wall Street tycoons going plundering; and the garment Hugh Grant hastily buttoned after catching a buff from a back alley hooker. If you want classy camouflage for your own questionable lifestyle, call Frank Rostron, the eminent Manchester tailor who'll be fitting clients in Manhattan now through Saturday

Frank's been flying to the States for the past 19 years, tending to the sartorial needs of financiers, attorneys, and dapper layabouts. His operational base is his tiny Manhattan pied a terre. Measurements only take 5-10 minutes, but if you're extremely important (or lazy), he'll accommodate you by coming to your office, home, or OTB of choice

Frank's sample book is stuffed with 600 swatches, primarily comprised of English two-fold cotton. His shirts cost no more than inferior off-the-rack competitors, and far less than his unscrupulous UK peers'. Orders generally take 4-6 weeks, but Frank will deliver in a matter of days if you have an emergency need for spread collars and French cuffs.

In case you miss him this trip, Frank will return to New York on May 14. If you can, make an end-of-the-day appointment, as he'll often organize after-fitting drinks for his clients. Don't be alarmed if Frank squeezes the waitress' bottom, or even skips the bill -- as long as he's wearing his own product, he can get away with anything.