Freestyle Love Supreme

While you enjoy the sauciness of hip hop, it doesn't really speak to your life -- your Bentley hasn't run in years, and virtually no one pays you mad respect. To hear someone rap about the subjects that matter to you, check out Freestyle Love Supreme Thursday night. FLS's stylings are 100% audience-inspired: their four MC's draw member submitted ideas from a hat, then string them together into intelligent lines no matter how random/stupid the subject matter seems. For instance, when challenged with "Christie Brinkley's husband", "Colombia", "Kangaroos", and "Rhea Perlman", they pulled out mind-blowing rhymes about borderline pedophilia, 1950s South American economic policy, the frustrations of marsupial love, and Carla's disturbingly passionate tonguing of Sam Malone.Backing up FLS are a keyboardist, and a thunderous human beat-box named Shockwave. To close their show, they pull an audience member onstage, ask him to relate every aspect of his day, then spin a 20-minute musical number out of his existence -- a rousing spectacle whether they're dealing with a globetrotting CEO, or an accountant who collects used urinal pucks for amusement and companionship.Because this is Freestyle's second-to-last performance 'til October, we highly advise snagging tickets in advance. Otherwise you'll never hear your struggle immortalized in rhyme: irritable bowel syndrome, NY1, and Dentyne.