Gnome Enterprises

Numerous documentaries have captured the fearsome power of nature -- Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man culminated in the gruesome, ursine death of Timothy Treadwell, while French filmmakers chronicled the frightening uniformity of a fascist regime in March of the Penguins. Capturing that fearsomeness on tees, Gnome Enterprises.

Hand silkscreened on "super-soft vintage inspired" poly/cotton/rayon blend short sleevers, Brooklyn-based GE's cartoonish designs highlight fanged/clawed/tentacled creatures wreaking havoc upon mankind, a reminder that animals too have insatiable appetites, though their inability to talk precludes safe words. The terror starts with a black or pink giant squid wrapped around the Brooklyn Bridge; a ginormous great white cracking through the East River Aquarium glass and scattering silhouetted visitors; a blazing-eyed bear doing battle with a front-end loader; and a light blue job with a killer whale about to eat a weary businessman, because only the sweet release of death could Free Willy Loman. For more destruction, there's a green tee with a gnome standing by as alien spaceships lay waste to a picket-fenced town; a t-rex who has bitten his t-spouse's head off; and an axe-wielding lumberjack being held upside down by a fang-baring tree, suggesting that it'll be at least another year until the Mortal Kombat forest is pruned.

For less animalistic designs, there's a tree with heart-shaped leaves above the word "Brooklyn" in woodsy font, old school headphones with bi-colored cords, and takes on retro arcade games including Space Invaders and Pac-Man, though if we spent less time with such pursuits, perhaps we wouldn't be such easy targets for bears.