Hamptons Is Coming

While we can't offer a zipline whisking you straight from the Chrysler Building's spire to the Talkhouse's shumai peddler, this summer we are poised to give eastbound dudes the next best thing: once-a-week Thrillist coverage of Long Island's engorged under-tip. Each Thursday morning email (Memorial Day thru Labor Day) will deliver the antidote to both white-pantsed society bean twiddling, and unmotivated never-leave-the-housery: like a bar that'll put the Brooklyn in your beach drinks; an eatery that offers great food, great prices, and the IROC series of reptile racing; and a spot that Thais up locally caught fish without even asking if the fish is into that kind of stuff. Don't you love your summer? You do? Then sign up for the weekly emails. Then, invite your friends to sign up for the weekly emails, or else they'll wile away the summer in a purgatory feasting on the fetid dumplings of sadness.