New York

Secret drinks for winter nights

El Cobre: Coquito con Humo du PuroHead to the new EV Cuban joint for an intricate take on winter 'nog boasting coconut cream, tres leches, El Dorado 12yr Rum, allspice dram, and, capping it all off, an infusion of cigar smoke, a perfect option if you're not feeling up to snuff

230 Fifth: The Whipped ThrillUpping both your body heat and the ante, 230's sprawling winterized roof is now home to this eye-opening bev combining a fresh double espresso, espresso flavored vodka, and hard-to-source 30 proof alcoholic whipped cream, also what Ali Larter used for her bikini in Varsity Booze

Vandaag: Mead to OrderDestined to turn you into a horn-helmeted marauder, this sure-to-make-you-reassess-your-negative-associations-with-mead 'tail's a mix of Viking Blod Mead wine, Averell Damson gin liqueur, and Ramazzotti Amaro, served hot with a grated white lime, which you know can be found at farmers markets, cause they love 'em

L'Artusi: Grappa Hot ToddyPreviously tested and proven irrefutably delicious, this off-menu take on a toddy's made with Marolo Chamomile & Honey Grappa, chamomile tea, orange bitters, and cinnamon, whose bark can't be blamed if you bite it

Highlands: The Gowling GleedThe comfort food of cocktails, this cider, which in Scottish means "The Howling Coal", plugs its organic apple base with the likes of nutmeg, cloves, Drambuie, Scotch, and orange peels, which are always in season so long as you're in a Long Island Hollywood Tans.

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