When you're stoned and have a great idea you have to tell a friend immediately, before the idea collapses under the weight of an even greater idea. Since your groundbreaking ideas have alienated everyone, tell your one remaining friend: the Internet, currently blazing at Highdeas.com.Like a Digg for spliffy insights, just-launched Highdeas lets readers vote up or down every profundity submitted by other users, basically gathering all those ideas into the world's most ingenious...high-archy. Blaaaaaa!!!! The magic's broken down by category ("technology", "world & business", "philosophy", etc), or scan recently popularized humdingers, which range from the practical "Make your boss wear a bell" ("so he doesn't sneak up on you...I think I can do this with his Blackberry's GPS"), to the even more practical "Midget Village" ("Be the only non-midget around and raise them to think you're their god"). Because two potheads are more ridiculous than one, user critiques are encouraged, e.g., "Lay out ALL of taco bells ingredients in a subway-sandwich style restaurant", followed by the trenchant "taco bell is the shiznit". As potheads are nothing if not relentlessly goal-oriented, users are constantly suggesting site improvements, like comment moderation to weed out stupid people (zing!) or, better, a button that lets you undo your votes: "I found myself accidentally pressing the vote down, when I meant up or visa versa. This happens especially when I'm high".