The Hill Side

No matter how un-strenuous your lifestyle, it'll still take a mighty toll on the gear that supports it -- which is why Toughbooks are built to withstand years of hamfisted stupidity. Bringing burliness to neckwear, The Hill Side, on sale now.

An NY-based, just-launched line of casually stylish ties, Hills are the work of a Puma graphic designer who, fascinated by rare and deadstock workingman's gear, decided to use them to add durability to an accessory typically ruined by the slightest marinara spittle. Boasting 15 slim, square-end varietals, Hills' titular design is composed of muslin- and chambray-lined Japanese selvedge in several subdued patterns (indigo striped, plum violet, black, chino, etc); the pieces are actually constructed in NY and NJ luggage factories, whose rugged perfectionism he totes respects. The ties also run in several other resilient fabrics, including waxed canvas in red and dark tan, hemp selvedge in deep indigo, and pinstripe left-hand twill in U.S. military woodland camo, so no one will be able to see you audit the enemy's finances.

Because Kleenex is for wusses, Hill also peddles selvedge chambray pocket squares and handkerchiefs, so you can clean up after dumping a 40oz coffee into your Tough keyboard. Again.