No matter how beautiful, looking at the same thing every day can get boring, a fact that explains why men are constantly fantasizing about cheating...on their dog by buying a ferret. Ensuring you don't start fantasizing about another pad's decor: TurningArt

Understandably inspired by an empty wall in his apartment, Turning's founder set out to create essentially a Netflix for art, allowing users to swap out mountable prints from the TA vault whenever they feel their current loaner needs to Gogh.

Finding your steez can be achieved via style (with a sliding scale running from traditional to conceptual), original medium (oil, pastel, mixed, collage...), color, price, or newest, but any piece you're interested in can be one-clicked into your queue, so art will be forced to get a taste of its own medicine and wait in line to see you.

Every piece is 19''x23'' (you choose one frame up front to swap pieces in & out of), and range from a watercolor/ink/pen depiction of a fantastical long tongued/clawed bear surrounded by swirling flames, to oil-on-mahogany impressionist landscapes, to contemporary portraits like "She Will Cut You": a many armed, scissor-wielding hairdresser inspired by Kali, the Hindu goddess of time, but not the goddess of thyme, cause that's just Guy Fieri

If you ever feel you've sowed your curatorial oats, there's an option to buy the original artwork of your fave prints, aided by the fact every dollar you've spent with 'em goes toward a credit of up to 40% off, money you're gonna need once Rex inevitably files for alpomony.