Plates by JimBob Art

A soft side isn't necessarily something to be ashamed of, though that's easier to say when your hard side can maul the crap out of people with its claws. Evincing that notion with animalistic food art, JimBob Art Plates

From a UK-born artist out to prove "big scary animals can express themselves and still like to eat cakes on plates", JB adds a new character every couple weeks to his line of porcelain that sports amusing, (intentionally) semi-crudely-hand-drawn wildlife images, each of which tells a small narrative in an attempt to identify with peoples' inner animal (as if the plate didn't know you were a pig).

Amongst those with portraits is the Hungry Bear in Fez, who puts you on notice that "What you leave - I EAT!"; his masked bear-thren the Bear Thief, who prefers to steal your grub; and a vaguely smiling wolf declaring "I could murder a biscuit!", as "it's common knowledge wolves love biscuits".

And murder. Tweaking the theme're a series of Luchadors, from a squirrel known as The Dominator (notorious for the "wedge slam of '85 that saw his opponent crack his own nuts"), to the ursine El Guapo, to a mouse with a lightning bolted blue mask called the Sandwich Destroyer, a title previously held by light mayo

If your kitchen's full/does not exist, he's got prints like Portrait with Thing (a proper-looking elderly man in a family photo with muppet-like fur creature), and another featuring a grizzly amorously holding a grandma and telling her "relax", which would be a lot easier if his hard side wasn't poking into her.