The Hot Quest

While Hot or Not may have pioneered a bitches brew of vanity, voyeurism, and...judgmentalism, its ultimate failing lay in its presumption that dudes could be "hot". Avoiding such erroneous thinking, The Hot Quest.Cataloging and ranking a treasure trove of photos of attractive gals from across the globe, THQ is "a collaboration of individuals in search of the hottest girl on earth" conceived by a daydreaming former NYC-startup employee actually named Tommy Glide, who continues to invent new ways to avoid his inevitable descent into p*rn. To post photos, women (many alerted to the site by the founder due to their Facebook/MySpace hotness) create a simple profile with name & age info, tag their hair color, ethnicity, and body type (busty, petite, etc), then upload photos; entrants are subsequently user-ranked via a simple Digg-like approval set-up of "F-Yes" or "Hell No", which, like making death threats, is far more easily communicated over the Internet than in person. For focused perusing you can scope pics filtered by latest posts or historical popularity, or use the tag categories to bring back your ideal woman, which shouldn't be too hard considering you just want a "curvy", "blonde" "Indian".Recent additions include a hot-chick-of-the-day email, and soon they'll roll out profile pages enabling playlists of favorite girls, not to mention an entirely new web site devoted just to photos of guys, aka The Not Quest.