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The Imperial

Street art's supposed to be an of-the-moment medium, but it tends to be found in spots you'd never actually visit, like abandoned railyards in Flushing, and The Guggenheim. Get your art where you get your drink, at The Imperial.

Imperial's a sleek Flatiron club littered with canvases, posters, and graf work from 15 street artists, all curated by the former photo director for Bombin' Magazine, which is not a catalog of bad pickup lines. Centered on a semi-circular dance floor lit by sweeping lasers and lorded over by a go-go cage, the main hall's tricked out with work from graffer-cum-fashionista Claw Money, plus layered murals by the collective Destroy & Rebuild that feature Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Brigitte Bardot (who took seventy years to achieve the alluring lunacy Campbell and Moss achieved in twenty). Past the sliding panel door's the main bar (classic cocktails, no suds) and a bottle service VIP gallery with murals and canvas work (an agro mastodon/manga mashup by EnamelKingdom and Kenji, Anthony Morton's paintings of hot MySpace pics), all surrounding ritzy banquettes and a miniature half-pipe -- too small to skate, but big enough to lose a tooth on anyway.

Imp'll be open Thu thru Sat starting this week, and next month'll debut its only beer-slinging event, the Friday Night Special, featuring gold spray-painted milk crates bearing 40s of Mickey's, Colt 45, and Crazy Horse. Hear that, Guggenheim? Maybe if you served big beers, people would visit you too.