New York

Independent Spirits Expo

Everybody loves an underdog. And, everybody loves free alcohol. Indulge your affection for both at the Independent Spirits Expo, tomorrow night at Slate.

The ISX is a first-time gathering of three fledgling boozenessmen -- brand owners with modest distribution, who've literally humped around their product in duffle bags and car trunks. The deal they're offering: you donate $10 to charity (real charities, like orphans, not penniless indie liquor operators). That gets you 2hrs of open bar, during which you'll taste the majesty of:

Mãe de Ouro: "Cachaça Dave" Catania tried over 80 Brazilian small batches before selecting this pot-distilled cachaça made w/ hand-cut sugarcane. Dave personally muddles much of his stock into caipirinhas, giving him the iron-cord forearms of a champion shut-in masturbator.

Khukri Rum: Distilled at the base of the Himalayas and aged in oak vats for a minimum of 8mos. Just as impressively, Doug Loughran's import comes in an ornate, dagger-shaped bottle -- a tribute to Nepal's proud Gurkha soldiers, and their love of piña coladas

Orange V: Infused with Valencia and Mandarin oranges from the distant land of Florida, Dave Schmier's vodka is "4 column" distilled and 100% organic -- for people intent on polluting their livers while saving the Everglades.

So hit Slate tomorrow, and revel in the temporary obscurity -- because soon, every club hopper in town will reek of "O V and Tonic" or "Khukri-Coke", and Cachaça Dave's mug'll be more omnipresent than Captain Morgan's mustache.

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