INFighting Shape

Next time you're at the gym, take a look in the mirror. Gross! Probably because you squander so much gym-time looking in the mirror. Axe the downtime with INFighting Shape.A high-intensity interval training system focused on a near-continuous loop of vicious weightlifting and aggro fighting drills, IFS was developed by a USA Boxing and Weightlifting certified instructor during years spent working with competitive boxers/kickboxers who could only train once a day due to full time jobs -- irrevocably changing a sport once dominated by fast jabbing hobos. Broken down into three components -- weightlifting, fighting, and "active recovery" -- rotations begin by maxing out within 6 to 12 reps of a "ballistic compound resistance exercise" such as power cleans or shoulder presses, which recruit and build fast twitch muscle fibers through motions that require explosive acceleration, a phrase your stomach will later become familiar with. Trainees then jump immediately into exhausting fight training -- throwing punches into focus mitts for three minutes, etc -- before burying themselves aerobically with, say, alternating 45-second bursts of sprint drills and push-ups; once a cycle's finished, participants get just 2-3 minutes for "recovery", which might mean peddling a bike to lower their heart rate, or holding static contractions such as a wall-sit, made so much harder by the lack of a fraternity crest upon which to focus.Previously available only by private appointment, IFS is kicking off their first-ever 12-week group class this Sunday, and're staking $1000 to the person who emerges in the best condition -- though how to admire your grotesquely shredded abs in the mirror once you've settled back into your nest of nickels.