Jet Mystery

Feeling like you want to get out of town, and you don't care where? Been listening to the Aerosmith lyric "Life's a journey, not a destination" over and over, and thinking to yourself, "That is totally true -- and now that I think about it, dude does look like a lady"? Clearly, you need to sign up to win a spot aboard "Jet Mystery". The handsome lovechild of JetBlue and Thrillist, Jet Mystery is a three-day excursion into the exotic unknown: 150 people, jetting off to an undisclosed location, which may be anywhere in the ever-expanding Blue-niverse -- NY, to LA, to Santo Domingo, to...White Plains! -- but almost certainly won't involve an underground bunker. Along the way, you'll be ensconced in Blueness, with mondo legroom, cushy leather seats, your own personal TV, and much benevolence from Jet Mystery sponsors like Gillette, and POM, with additional smoothness from CBS, Cold-EEZE, and Trojan, whose goods you should probably hold off using until arriving at said undisclosed location. Once landed, there'll be cocktail parties, live entertainment, feasts, more cocktail parties, post-cocktail parties, and group activities not revolving around natural history museums. For a shot at a Jet Mystery seat, just enter your info here. If you don't sign up, we will miss you babe, and we don't want to miss a thing.

That was a hot power-ballad reference. Enter for a chance to win by clicking here and guessing where we're going. You can check back each day to hone your guess, 'cause we'll be knocking off one possible destination daily – Also, follow us on Twitter to see which ones are eliminated.