Kaiju Big Battel

Watching pro wrestlers posture and strut is childish. But watching people in monster suits posture, strut, and crush Styrofoam buildings? That's performance art. Check it out this Friday only, at the Kaiju Big Battel. Now in its 11th year, Boston-based KBB's evolved into a big-time spectacle, complete with two Jumbotrons, a uniformed ref, and a WWF-caliber MC. This event pits over 20 ludicrous adversaries against each other in chain-link cage matches, during which they'll turn a miniaturized NYC skyline into Styro-rubble. The action's surprisingly brutal, with full body slams, superflys, and taunting that'd make Rowdy Roddy Piper blush, if he understood Japanese, or even English. Contestants include Hell Monkey (formerly of the tagteam "The Apes of Wraths"), Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, and the "despicable mad scientist" Dr. Cube. If we're lucky, old schooler Greenish Terror Lizard will resurface -- his hatred of mankind is only outweighed by his distrust of specific colors. As a bonus, there'll also be a special musical guest, Peelander-Z. Their "Japanese action comic punk" will punk your world, while also proving the old National Endowment for the Arts maxim: a real artist must always incorporate Pee.