The List

Instead of watching the big game at any old bar, try one of these five options for professional-grade Super Bowl viewing

Hotel QT125 W 45th St, between 6th and 7th; 212.354.2323$15 for a bottomless cup of beerYou can't beat QT's Super Bowl party for creativity: they're floating kegs in their indoor pool, and projecting the game onto the wall -- where Ben Roethlisberger's already sizeable cranium will frighten God Himself. For nourishment, feast on chips and corndogs, or order chow from outside. You should also swim up to the pool bar for cocktails, as you'll need hard liquor before you start naked halftime chicken fighting

Big Easy1768 2nd Ave, between 92nd & 93rd; 212.348.0879$25 for unlimited Bud and well drinksDrinking games that hinge on scoring are undependable. Instead, Big Easy's bartenders hand you a shot every time an announcer says something stupid -- so basically, you could get hammered on "Jerome Bettis will run extra hard today" alone

Taipan SuiteMandarin Oriental: 80 Columbus Circle, at 60th; 212.805.8800$9500 for 10 peopleIf you're confident you'll die before next season, make your last Super Bowl count with the Taipan Package: beers from around the world, nacho-style fondue, smoked chicken and beef ropa vieja, pork carnitas, mini-burgers, bratwurst, chorizo, shrimp skewers, and a sundae station -- all in an opulent top floor suite, equipped with a surround sound, 45" LCD TV so beautiful, you'll request it be buried with you

Antarctica287 Hudson Street, at Spring; 212.352.1666Appropriately, "Jeromes" are Sunday's winners in Antarctica's nightly "People named (blank) drink free" special -- so whether you're Jerome, or stole Jerome's ID, watch here. Regardless of your handle, you're entitled to free wings and $10 pitchers, plus there'll also be a pool tournament; the owners claim there's no cash prize, but like most Antarcticans, they're shifty, snowy liars.