Finding a good magazine article means either sifting through a morass of online titles or relying on your idiot friends for links. Or looking at an actual magazine, if you can find one that's been fossilized in amber. A fourth option: Maggwire

Just launched out of private beta, NYC-based Magg sources articles from a collection of 650-and-growing titles (Newsweek, Forbes, SI... Lacrosse), then helps you focus by recommending the articles it thinks you'll enjoy the most, because "diabetes" is substantially more interesting when it involves "Jay Cutler". Users kick start the process by reading and rating prose on a five-star basis, info that Magg plugs into a proprietary algorithm to match you up with likeminded users, meaning subsequent searches're returned with results prioritized through a combination of similar readers' ratings and overall popularity, though unfortunately it turns out that diabetes is super boring no matter what. In addition to the requisite search bar, there's also a spate of helpful drop boxes to bring in results by topic, including Sports (Team Sports, Guns/Hunting/Fishing...), Lifestyle (Travel, Boating), Entertainment (Music, Comics & Sci-Fi), and Men's Interests like Style, Health, Motorcycles, and...Teen Boys

Should you care to share, Magg hosts discussion threads and boasts simple email/Twitter/Facebook functionality, and soon'll be rolling out a premium version offering content from subscription sites, additional topic categories, and the ability to sign up for topic-based "channels", saving you from having to sift through a morass of wonderful articles you'll really enjoy.