Make A Dare

On the playground everyone enjoyed a good dare, but in your professional life no one's willing to say "I bet you won't kiss Suzie in accounting...while lighting a fart on fire!". Fraidycats. For a community built on such folly, Make A Dare

Sprung from the mind of a Nassau native, MAD's a social site designed to not only connect the kind of people who post crazy stunts on YouTube, but also encourage them on to even greater feats of courageous idiocy. The gig's simple: users post dares to either individuals or the entire community, and those foolhardy enough to accept perform said acts and upload vids as proof; members can then hype up fave clips by awarding them "streetcred" points which will eventually win them prizes like digital cameras, though some users would no doubt be happier with a tub of anus ointment. Current popular responses include two dudes next-level arm wrestling by throwing in lit candles, tacks, and mousetraps; a human bowling ball accepting his roll and recreating the Truffle Shuffle; numerous folks lighting themselves on fire; and, responding to the dare "Kanye someone", a dude at a bus stop shouting "I know you're driving a bus right now and I'm gonna let you finish, but Speed was the best movie of all time!", totally c-blocking Jason Patric's impromptu roadside Oscar acceptance speech for Cruise Control

As a bonus, TV producers have already started trolling the site and buying vids from users, money you can use to finance your defense against the unprecedented charge of Arson While Trying To Commit Sexual Harassment.