Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

Large trends tend to have regional differences -- for instance, Black Metal in Europe was an intentionally lo-fi, growling, satanic form of rock, while in America it was Living Colour. Inspired by regional trends in preppy, the clothing of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

From a NY dude who did time at J. Press, MM's new e-shop's loaded with garb he claims is informed by the many styles of preppy, from the classic Savile Row UK vibe, to the more conservative Ivy League look, to the "go-to-hell pants" of the South, though frankly it's not your pants but what they're covering that has you burning.

The line kicks off with a series of shoes, including burgundy leather boat shoes and penny loafers done in collab with Bass Weejuns, and a made-in-the-UK, rubber sole'd, perforated navy suede lace-up called the Longwing Brogue (apparently once you go brogue, everything else Palins in comparison).

Also available are a range of button-downs, with materials ranging from red or navy gingham, to denim, to chambray, to an array of patchwork combos of stripes and solids all called the Oxford, those guys can party

Rounding out the shop're a slew of accessories (fingerless knit gloves, plaid & striped ties), some drawstring fleece pants, cargo trousers, and a pair of boxers called the Extra Long, Extra Dope, something you'll want in your pants if you lack a Cult of Personality.