Dating sites may connect you with the perfect girlfriend, but when searching for something you'll actually want to spend time with, you're left wandering Best Buy, wondering when any given TV will stop putting effort into HJs. Find gadgets that'll keep the magic alive, at Measy

From the guys behind the presidential-candidate match service Glassbooth, Measy aims to simplify the complex process of electronics shopping by taking their political site's survey technology and applying it to issues that actually affect your life. Launching with four categories -- Digital Cameras, DSLRs, Netbooks, and HDTVs -- each questionnaire starts with a general budget assessment before querying the relative importance of approx 10 different areas, from customer service, to ease of use, to brand preference; many queries open subcategories, e.g., TV "picture quality" opens check boxes regarding your lighting and seating arrangement, while "size"...doesn't matter, so who cares? The site then sources expert opinions from "every trustworthy source on the web" (CNET, PC Mag, HD Guru...), and returns those models that perform best in the areas you care about most, along with a cumulative 1-100 performance score, easily accessed critic reviews, and lowest-price purchase links from "a large selection of trusted merchants" (so much trust...clearly Measy's dad did return home from his cigarette run, and then spent QT with Measy while smoking them)

To celebrate their launch, Measy's throwing a shindig tomorrow night at Alphabet City's Drom starting at 10:30pm, complete with live performances from singer/songwriter-type Mike Posner and LA hip hopper Wil May, plus spins by DJs Phury and Louis Vuitron, a clever pun on the very goods you had to give Bernice to make sure those HJs weren't OTP.